Melody June Cooper: Actress* for Hire

Premieres at Big Vision Empty Wallets film festival in New York City. Comedic short that satirizes the racial stereotypes of African-American women in media starring, produced, and concept by Alinca Hamilton

Rinse, Repeat Episode 1: Read the Label

If insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results, then Melissa and Tyler are the definition of insanity. Maybe this time is different. Maybe, for once, they follow their hearts down a sensible path. Or maybe they succumb to the punishing blows dealt by New York City’s cutthroat rental market to wishful young couples just trying to get their lunch money right. “Read the Label” is the pilot episode of the webseries Rinse, Repeat. Created as part of Columbia University’s 2018 Graduate Acting Proof of Concept class.


Inspired by writings from Sekou Sundiata’s only published book of poetry, Free!, break/free! explores love, romance, creativity, and politics through our human pursuit of what we believe is freedom. Originally commissioned to screen at the Lincoln Center Atrium as part of the 2013 tribute to Sekou Sundiata

New York is Killing Me

One of three shorts featuring Alinca created for Gil Scott-Heron tribute concert with performances by renowned artists at Symphony Space

The Problem with Jeggings

Nudity is not a style. Watch Alinca in “The Problem with Jeggings” on CollegeHumor


Directed, filmed, and edited by Alinca Hamilton, (un)Parallel is a collection of poetic writings by members of Squeaky Wheelz Productions used as the foundation for our first original production for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the summer of 2017. Through creative storytelling, we hope to shake the foundation of the familiar, to challenge the boundaries of our society’s narrative, and to ignite a dialogue of change. With your help, we can promote rich intercultural understanding by raising unheard voices of past and present.